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ways to help

donate, attend one of our events or host a fundraiser





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it takes a village

"It takes a village”, a term often coined to describe community members coming together to ensure children are provided with basic human needs.

Food4Kids Halton has mobilized an entire community ensuring children, without food every weekend, have access to a healthy food supply. The outpouring of support from individuals, groups, and local and national businesses has been nothing short of miraculous. Whether providing one package of fruit cups, funding an entire school program, packing food for our kids, or delivering food, each contribution has had a profound impact on the success of Food4Kids Halton.  


Food4Kids Halton generates its funds through donations or one-time grants and is not in receipt of sustainable community funding. It has been through the generosity of our community, that we have been able to accomplish so much, in such a short period.


There are many ways to donate and support a child in our home community.


"I never thought our family would depend on others for food."

such a great benefit to our family

— Parent

if he could have his crusts

"This program is such a great benefit to our family. During the summer months a generous volunteer came to our home and gave us groceries for the week. We would get a carton of milk and meat and produce, it meant we would have dinner for 2 days. It was such a tremendous blessing and really would help us out. During the school year my child gets a bag once a week delivered to her school. These weekly bags give a breakfast, fruits and snacks for the weekend. When you are a struggling family and find yourself on the poverty line times can be difficult. The support from Food4Kids has been a tremendous help. Thank you for everything you do."

before they threw them out."
"He asked his classmates 
if he could have their crusts
before they threw them out."
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