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summer program

Summer Program
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We continue to provide support for ALL students registered in our program while schools are closed.

Summer Program


Hunger does not take a break in the summer…and neither do we! Food4Kids Halton continues to support our kids in the summer months.

The summer food program continues to evolve based on the number of students served and the resources we have available during the summer months.

We are committed to supporting every child in need, all summer long.


​This program is 100% funded through community donations.

such a great benefit to our family

"This program is such a great benefit to our family. During the summer months a generous volunteer came to our home and gave us groceries for the week. We would get a carton of milk and meat and produce, it meant we would have dinner for 2 days. It was such a tremendous blessing and really would help us out. During the school year my child gets a bag once a week delivered to her school. These weekly bags give a breakfast, fruits and snacks for the weekend. When you are a struggling family and find yourself on the poverty line times can be difficult. The support from Food4Kids Halton has been a tremendous help. Thank you for everything you do."

— Parent

"He asked his classmates 
if he could have their crusts
before they threw them out."
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